Photo Fun Split

About us

With our diligent and constant effort we captured the hearts from a lot people and became a leading Photo Booth company in Croatia. The idea about Photo Booth came to us because we wanted something inovative and fun, far from classic and standard that has been on our market for a long time. With joy we can confirm that we made it, we attracted a lot of attention and good vibrations which are constantly expanding across our nation and outside of it.

Mission, vision and goals

  • As our main task we assert  on changing the classic and old standard, raising awareness for something new, and following with the  newworld trends
  • We try to advance from one year to another so that we could constantly offer you something new
  • We excel ourselves with subjective approach on every event, we want to contribute for every client for their wishes to be fulfilled
  • We respect competition, but we are not copying anyone, we always try to be in the center and different from others
  • With our work done so far we see big change and progress which is very encouraging for us and brings us great joy.