Props and extras


We are extremely proud of big number of props we offer and which number is constantly rising. We always get new props so we could guarantee you can have them In large number.


Guest book

Our warm advice to newlyweds is that they take our Guest Book as book filled with memories. In that book will be all the duplicates of all the photos taken at the wedding. Those photos have all the signatures done through all day. Guest Book is really a nice memory that you will save forever.

Decorative etui

If you want photos from your wedding to be like thanksgiving postcards we offer transparent etui wrap in which we store photos for your guests and give them as postcard from your wedding. If you want to forget about old standard postcards and find something new, we are here to offer with our creativity.

Professional backgrounds

If you decide for Magic Mirror in our service we offer a wide variety of backgrounds you can choose so your photos could look a lot nicer.