Audio guest book

When we combine modern and retro, we get something innovative. This is exactly what we present as a novelty in our offer.

A retro phone in a completely new guise that will surely delight you.

Seemingly ordinary, but actually special. A phone that will fit into any space, and will delight many with it’s functionality.

You must be wondering what it is for?

The retro phone represents a completely new version of the well-known GUEST BOOK.
Something completely new, not yet presented in these areas.


How is it used?

Simply! Like any telephone device, you pick up the phone and start talking!
But this time, before you pick up the phone, think of the most creative greeting card for the newlyweds, because as soon as the phone is picked up, an audio recording starts that will remain as a memory of their day!

That’s enough text congratulations, let’s go back a bit, “call” dear people and send them a few words from the heart, whether humorous or serious. Our Retro Phone will record everything, and the newlyweds will have an audio recording of your wishes forever.

Isn’t that wonderful?

We think it is, hearing grandma, grandpa, parents, relatives and friends whenever you want and even after many years is priceless.

So get yourself a special gift and record moments that you will cherish forever.